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Crush // House is the content studio putting creators at the heart of your brand creative.

How it works.

We aim to keep it simple. You sign up, submit your brief, and we put together a creator solution based on either budgets or goals. You should know that we only do creator-made production.

It's about balance.

With us overseeing the creative development and production you can feel good about letting the creators who live and breathe the platforms and culture do their thing.


Crew up a bespoke Creator network.

This is where it gets fun. We’ll build you a roster that you can call on for whatever you’ve got coming. They’re into you, you’re into them, and your shared audience can’t wait to see what’s coming next.



Cook up a Creator campaign solution

Collaborate with next-gen creative brand-builders to scale your story through their organic lens and co-sign your moment with authentic assets. Let’s share the challenge and let them lead the campaign.



Crush House Originals

We love major cultural moments and events, and so do our favourite creators. So much so that we’ve created a pop-up creator content house concept with them to give you a credible way to participate with an owned social content format.


If you’re not sure where to start, let us develop something that fits your goals. Whether its building a roster of creators around your brand or doing something special around a cultural moment.

With a decade of experience in rights management, we secure you what you need to enable appropriate usage of content.

We’ll work with your initial brief to develop a platform strategy that suits it. We’ll work with creators accross primarily TikTok, Instagram and YouTube focusing on short form content only.

In a data rich world, there’s no reason for grey areas when it comes to analytics. We use sets of direct data provided by the creators we work with to provide you with a report that’s transparent and informative.

Powered by technology, guided by cultural insight. We use tools to index creators and validate them. Then we add our secret sauce by filtering  those who pass our brand relevance criteria.

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Whether you’re a music, gaming, sports or entertainment creator, a global brand, or an integrated agency partner, we want you to join our growing community of storytellers who believe in putting creators at the heart of creative.


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